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What's New in Wix Studio for 2024.1: Driving Creativity and Efficiency

Wix Studio is set to bring a host of new features and updates throughout 2024 designed to empower users to create even more stunning and functional websites. Here's a comprehensive summary of the latest innovations you can expect to find this year:

  1. Exporting Designs from Figma to Wix Studio (Q2 2024) You will now be able to export designs directly from Figma to Wix Studio. This integration will make it easy to quickly transform designs into functional websites, eliminating the need for manual coding.

  2. New Wix Restaurants Orders App (Forecast Q4 2023) Wix Restaurants Orders offers an integrated online ordering solution for restaurant establishments. Although not yet available to all users, its upcoming integration with Wix Studio promises to simplify implementation and order management for restaurant owners.

  3. Migration of Sites from Editor the advanced design features of Studio Editor.

  4. Using Multiple Hamburger Menus to Display Different Items (Forecast Q1 2024) Users will be able to utilize multiple hamburger menus to display different sets of menu items, providing a more tailored and intuitive navigation experience for site visitors .

  5. Grid Cell Merging (Forecast Q1 2024) The ability to merge cells in a section grid will allow users more control over the layout and organization of content on their sites, enabling more flexible and personalized designs.

  6. Swapping Grid Cells with Drag and Drop (Forecast for Q1 2024) The functionality of swapping cells in a section grid via drag and drop will further simplify the process of reorganizing your website layout.

  7. Viewing Trails for Site Navigation (Out Now) Users can now add breadcrumbs for site navigation, allowing visitors to view their exact position on the customer's website and improving the overall browsing experience.

With these additions and improvements, Wix Studio continues to lead the way in providing powerful, intuitive tools for creating high-quality websites. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and make the most of Wix Studio's innovations in 2024.

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